Mavuno Advance

We help you bridge your financial needs for an expected payment like rent, milk, tea, coffee payments.

At Amica we are always thinking ahead, we want to help you plan for your immediate future for instance what do you require next year, your short term future, what do you want to do in five years and your medium to long term future e.g. from ten years and above.

We understand that each phase of your life comes with its own financial requirements; our products will help you to save so that you are ready financially and achieve your goals.


  • Opening/ operating balance of KSh. 500
  • Interest earning balance of KSh. 10,000
  • Withdrawal charge of KSh. 200
  • Benefits (provide more benefits unique to this account)
  • Free internal standing order


  • Identity card original and copy
  • Passport photo
  • Must have operating balance of KSh. 500
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