Lucrative Investment Areas you Should Consider in 2022

Investments are assets set aside to be allowed to grow and make yields over some time. Investments are intended to create wealth, make profit, generate income and lastly value increment of the assets.

Let 2022 be the year of your financial prosperity. From the great words by Warren Buffet, we should never depend on a single income; instead, make investments and work towards having a second source of income.

Some lucrative investment opportunities in Kenya are;

  1. Sacco Investments

From buying shares to investing in deposit accounts, Sacco investments allow you to make good money at a high rate of return. The amount of deposit allocated to your investment account will grow depending on the rates of the package chosen and the time. Sacco’s are pretty influential when it comes to saving, but you can also take advantage and open investment accounts that will multiply your money instead of remaining dormant.

  1. Farming/ Agriculture

Agriculture, especially in Kenya, is a very lucrative sector, contributing to at least 27% of the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Agriculture supports 40% of the country’s overall workforce and a commendable 70% of the rural workforce. Considering Murang’a County is known for its agricultural capabilities, investing in farming is one of the best sectors. From growing tea, coffee, maize, horticulture, etc. Amica Savings & Credit has been immensely influential by helping farmers borrow loans that assist them in succeeding in their agricultural endeavours. Amica provides insurance for agricultural assets like livestock, guaranteeing you future financial and investment safety.

  1. Manufacturing

Manufacturing is another sector in Kenya that has contributed to its economic development massively. Manufacturing contributes significantly to the workforce, job creation, and national exports and output sectors. The manufacturing industry has added 7.6% to the country’s GDP in 2021 and is on a constant upward spiral. Considering this progress, reflect on investing in manufacturing.

  1. ICT and Technology

Kenya is considered the regional leader in East Africa and Central Africa in ICT. Nairobi is home to many regional HQ for several top-notch technology companies like Airtel, Microsoft, Cisco, and Samsung. This confirms that investing in technology and partnering with such companies that have established themselves is a definite great path to consider. Technology will come in handy to farmers by providing expertise, innovation of agri-tech tools, and providing market intelligence to farmers. Consider investing in technology with the growing use of mobile banking and internet money transfer.

  1. Real Estate Investment

Kenyan real estate is quite lucrative, including assessing and buying a property that suits you. The real estate market has been a great way to secure your wealth and your family’s future. Land and property can be used to create profits by buying to resell the ground or by purchasing the plot for rent. Property is known to appreciate in the long run; hence it is a perfect way to secure the financial well-being of your family. Real estate is considered an imperishable asset.

  1. Tourism

Tourism was at its peak before 2019; visitors would flock to Kenya to see our beautiful country and enjoy Kenya’s serenity. The sector, however, experienced financial strain during the global Covid-19 pandemic. In December 2021, a report from World Travel Awards (WTA) declared Kenya the world-leading destination for safaris. This high accolade should encourage you to invest in tourism, considering that Kenya is receiving this high praise for the seventh time in a row.

Therefore, it is essential to assess lucrative investment areas that fit your investment plan. With extensive knowledge of the investment opportunities, you are assured of smart financial stashes. Doing this will minimize any risks associated with investments and eventually make smart money moves.

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