Investing In Sustainable Agriculture

Sustainable agriculture is a method of farming focusing on the production of enduring crops and livestock while conserving the environment’s vulnerability. Sustainability in agriculture involves incorporating eco-friendly processes like nitrogen fixation, soil regeneration, and nutrient cycling (the cyclic process involving the movement of nutrients within the environment, living organisms, and back to the background).

Sustainable agriculture provides a good balance between preserving the ecological system while satisfying the need for food production using cost-effective methods.

However, conventional farming defines the use of modernized agricultural systems like insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, and chemical fertilizers, which can be pretty costly and toxic to the environment compared to sustainable agriculture.

Sustainable plant and animal production will, in the long term;

  • Enhance the environmental quality.
  • Will protect the natural resources available to humanity.
  • Sustain the economic viability of agricultural operations.
  • Enhance the quality of life.

Sustainable agriculture has proven to be quite substantial to farmers, mainly by improving farmers’ access to fruitful assets like land and capital. This eventually builds to the importance of encouraging partnerships and cooperation between farmers and other industries like banking to maintain and improve the economic wellbeing of farmers and allow them to employ and pay the workforce they may need as they carry on with their agricultural activities. Amica Savings & Credit provides funds for your agricultural endeavours and insures your assets, promoting asset security and financial security.

Investors work in alliance with banking to make profits through sustainable agricultural activities. Such activities include;

  1. Agricultural Financing

From borrowing to financing individual farmers and agricultural institutions, the banking sector has been beneficial in providing finances to farmers who have the zeal to invest in agriculture but lack financial capability. Amica Savings & Credit has been quite resourceful to many farmers by giving financial support like acquiring a milk loan and other agricultural loans that help them meet their agricultural and other needs without strain.  

  1. Agricultural Insurance.

Agriculture suffers directly from disasters like climate shock that threaten global food stability and security. These calamities also disrupt budget volatility and value chains while crippling the livelihood of farmers. We advise securing your farm produce and livestock by buying insurance policies. We provide insurance covers on livestock that insure domestic animals like dairy cows against damaging situations like accidents, theft, uncontrollable epidemics, diseases, and emergency slaughters as advised by a vet doctor. Additionally, we provide Crop Insurance that insures your crops against natural and unplanned disasters.

  1. Technology

The finance sector also plays a vital role in allowing technology to take part in the agricultural wellbeing of the industry. The evolving technology has enabled farmers to share risks, take advantage of IT and eventually target sustainable food production. Various new technologies can contribute to sustainable agriculture, including mass irrigation, drones, and digital sensors. Amica provides financing for any technological and asset needs as you strive toward agricultural sustainability and financial excellence.

Collaboration between various industries like ICT, the banking sector, the environmental sector, and the law-making body strive toward maintaining sustainable food production. Many investors within these industries are pouring their money into safe agricultural endeavours and making great financial strides.

Become a part of this industry by talking to us to find suitable financial products for you.