James Kamau Gachau

Meet James Kamau Gachau, a cooperative banking leader and seasoned accountant boasting over three decades of invaluable experience within the Sacco industry. James’ exceptional dedication and leadership skills has seen him rise through the ranks from a senior bookkeeper to his current prestigious position. 


James is recognized as one of the Sacco’s longest-serving and invaluable employees contributing significantly to the growth of Amica Sacco throughout his tenure. Currently serving as the Head of Sacco Operations, James plays a crucial role in steering the organization towards operational excellence.


His extensive experience and intricate understanding of the cooperative sector positions him as the go-to individual for cooperative sector partners and clients. His reputation is particularly notable among our clients, including coffee farmers, cooperative society leaders, and other key stakeholders in the sector. James’ high regard within these circles has contributed significantly to the Sacco’s strong relationships within the cooperative community.


Beyond his professional achievements, James is a lifelong learner who finds joy in enriching his knowledge outside the boardroom. His commitment to personal growth is evident through his avid reading habits and a penchant for exploring new destinations.

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